How To Get More Pinterest Followers?

Insight May 20, 2020

Pinterest is all about inspiration and discovery. That means it’s not only a great way to connect with current customers; it’s a great place to find new followers—especially since Pinterest passed the 250 million monthly active user mark. More than 70 percent of Pinners find new brands on Pinterest, and 78 percent say they find brand content useful.

Factor in Pinterest’s sales power—it’s the number one shopping platform among millennials—and knowing how to get more Pinterest followers becomes an even greater value proposition. Follow this step-by-step guide to pin your sights on success.

Ready? Let's dive in!.

Completely fill out your profile information.

The bare minimum for a Pinterest profile--your name, age, and gender--aren't enough details to help users connect with you. Consider adding the following details to your account:

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How to get more pinterest follower? - noTnoob Insight
  • Brief description of you, your content, and your mission.
  • Link to your website (if possible).
  • Your general location (e.g., your state/country).
  • You can add this information in by going to your profile, clicking the gear icon, and clicking Profile.

Best Time For Pinning

When you pin is as important as what you pin.

No matter how fascinating your pins are, they won’t do you good if no one sees them.

So when is the best time to pin?

According to article from Buffer, you should pin around the evenings and afternoons. On weekdays, the Buffer team clusters posts between 2-4 p.m. and 9-11 p.m. Eastern.

Tip: You can also research in which time your target market is most active, and then you can pin it.

The Popular section on Pinterest consists of pins that have been repinned, liked and commented on several times. Take advantage of this and get people to check out your own page by commenting on these pins.

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Things to do to get more follower on pinterest - noTnoob Insight

Have a good look at the pin; study the image and the description and write a meaningful comment. You want to write more than a two-word comment like ‘‘Great Pin’’ or ‘‘Nice Find!’’ Show people you know and care about this subject by leaving a thoughtful comment. This will make people want to check out your page and follow you.

Note: Too much commenting is considered spam by Pinterest and can lead to your account being suspended. So limit your comments to two or three times a day.

Take Advantage of Red Letter Days

Unlike with Facebook, users on Pinterest don’t log in to their accounts to keep tabs on their ex or find out which new tourist spots their friends have visited.

Pinterest is action-driven. Pinners log in to find inspiration for a birthday party, learn new ways to style their hair, or try out a mouthwatering recipe.

So if it’s Christmastime, Thanksgiving, or Halloween? It’s the perfect time for you to pin content related to the holiday.

Here’s an example.

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If it’s almost Christmas and sometimes you're wondering how to wrap your presents right?, you’d be the first to save this pin and follow the board.

Tip: It’s a good idea to pin holiday-themes content a little earlier than the holiday itself. For example, pinning Christmas ideas in November is a good practice.

Connect Your Social Networks

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Pinterest account to attract your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers to your Pinterest account.

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Ready to gain more Pinterest followers?

You can easily tweet your pins so your Twitter followers can see them and display your latest Pinterest activity in your Facebook friends’ and followers’ feeds. Choose the different types of activity you’d like people to see, and with a simple click they can visit your pins, check them out and follow you on Pinterest.

To help attract followers, you can also add a link to your Pinterest account in your other social media account bios.

Post Fresh And Original Content

Original Content always more interesting than non-original. If it's good, people will allow your ideas, this will help you to give positive feedback for your followers.

Pinterest favors originality. Pinners use the site to look for new ideas, inspiration, and products, so make sure your own Pins are super fresh.

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Original content will always attract people's attention

Skip standard stock photos and clichés. Instead, Pinterest recommends that you “highlight any elements of novelty or newness to get people excited about your ideas.”

Find Friends From Other Social Networks

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Good friends isn't always help, isn't it? :D

Another advantage of connecting your other social networks is you can find friends and connect with them.

Connect your accounts and click on your business name in the top right corner of the screen. In the dropdown menu that appears, click on Find Friends. You can then choose the social networks you’ve connected to find friends and followers and follow them on Pinterest.

Cause as you follow people you already have relationships with, they’ll be very likely to follow you back.

So,... Are you ready to optimize your Pinterest account?


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